Heal Your Life Center
Welcomes You

to a holistic solution
to health and wellness.

Heal Your Life Center is located in the peaceful countryside, 12 miles from Athens and Nelsonville, Ohio.

I also come to the Clarksburg, WV area to see clients. Call me for more info.

Holistic Health Consultations include Quantum Indigo Biofeedback, Nutritional Education, and Louise Hay Philosophy. Other tools we use are whole food nutrition and cleansing, Bach Flower Remedies, exercise and yoga, meditation and various relaxation methods, visualization and affirmations, intentions and inner awareness techniques. During the two-hour session, half of the time is spent on the Indigo Biofeedback Device. The other half is education, coaching, and answering your questions. When you become aware of your thoughts and words, you will understand how influenced people are by their own unconscious habits. That is the first step in the transformation of becoming who you really are and being able to identify the “mask” that we all learn to hide behind. Then you are empowered to Heal Your Life & Achieve Your Dreams. 

When I first came to Heal Your Life Center, I was a wreck physically and mentally following a year of traditional medical treatment. I was unsure if I could continue working. Biofeedback and Juice Plus played a huge role in restoring my well-being. Thank you Emily for your kindness, guidance, introduction to Juice Plus, and work through biofeedback. 

~ Michelle

Specialized Holistic Health Consultations

Lose the Fat is four sessions, specializing in how to lose fat and gain muscle and learn to eat in a healthy way so you can easily and naturally maintain your desired weight. This program includes Louise Hay’s Weight Loss protocol.

You know how to lose weight now.”

“I lost 17 pounds and expect to lose more before I go to the doctor and show him that my blood pressure is down” ~ D.K., OH

After a session with Emily I felt more “balanced” and relaxed. I no longer felt out of control reaching for my comfort items of sugar, soda pop, sweets – I didn’t even want to smoke a cigarette! I was surprised when it made such a difference so fast in clearing my addictions. My physical body didn’t feel the need for these items any longer.” ~ Helen, WV

I worked successfully with Emily using the biofeedback machine to help me stop smoking. Each session offered me useful information about the internal functioning of my body systems. I felt relaxed and accepted. After each session, I realized a greater sense of well being and my desire to smoke decreased. The cleansing process seemed to help jump start my recovery from the damages I had caused by smoking. The process was definitely worth the time and money.” ~ Gail, OH